A Wonderful first flight to Czech Republic

It’s 5 am in the morning! I am too excited so I couldn’t sleep at all.  I was never seen and feels the air of Europe before. My first travel to Europe and It’s my boyfriend homes. My solo flight was about 34 hours to go to Czech Republic. 2 transit in flight total andContinue reading “A Wonderful first flight to Czech Republic”

The Blue Sky Tag Challenge #1

The most wonderful thing in life is to get connection from the people around the world. I am so impressed! surprisingly, I have been nominated for THE BLUE SKY TAG CHALLENGE! Yeaaaayyyy…..! My fellow blogger Crisly Zerrudo has nominated me for The Blue Sky Tag Challenge. This is my very first nomination and I amContinue reading “The Blue Sky Tag Challenge #1”

JOSHUA DISTRICT : What a delicious dishes!

Your food is your “karma”. This quote just reminds me about how you eat a healthy food also get wonderful sightseeing instead of it. We are trying to explore canggu area to find something new away from the crowd on the lunch time today. We finally going to one of restaurant with rice field viewContinue reading “JOSHUA DISTRICT : What a delicious dishes!”

FRANCE, PARIS : “Je t’aime” from Eiffel Tower!

I and my boyfriend have a plan to go to Europe lately. This is my first time to go to Europe. Yeayyy…. so excited! We are planning to go to his hometown in Czech Republic and I would love to write our experience while We were there on my next post obviously. I can’t imagineContinue reading “FRANCE, PARIS : “Je t’aime” from Eiffel Tower!”