FRANCE, PARIS : “Je t’aime” from Eiffel Tower!

I can see the city of Paris through here. It’s really “WOW” for me.

I and my boyfriend have a plan to go to Europe lately. This is my first time to go to Europe. Yeayyy…. so excited!

We are planning to go to his hometown in Czech Republic and I would love to write our experience while We were there on my next post obviously.

I can’t imagine my feeling how awesome it is to know about our next stop is in PARIS but sadly we just visit Paris only a day because of our flight to get back to Bali. I was thinking about the place ” PARIS” hmm…. sounds like this is kind of very special place which you should put on your travel list !

Where is the Eiffel Tower located specifically in Paris ?

The Eiffel Tower is located on the Champ De Mars ( the green area where lovers are frequently photographed with the tower in distance ) in Paris, France. The tower is located in seventh arrondissement, near the Seine, on the left Bank ( Rive Gouche ) of the river and it is bordered on the opposite side by the Quai Branly.

Je t’aime from Eiffel Tower

When we were heading to the city to go to Eiffel Tower, It was around 45 minutes to go by the metro from the Charles de Gaulle Airport. We were enjoying the view of the city on the way but not so satisfied because the environment of the city view wasn’t good enough which there was no trees, dry and lots of rubbish.

It just dreams come true to go to this place that everyone dreams about. We were never expecting to go up the tower which everyone said, the best view is on the top of the tower. We finally decided to go and take the entrance which took almost an hour to wait for the tickets, there was a lot people too excited to go to the top of the tower and so do I.

What do you think? I can feel how beautiful this world by seeing this view all the way to the top of the Tower. Amazingly wonderful!

” Our climb has begun and the Tower are all ours “

As We make our way up, We have seen how the scenery seems to expand us. The roofs of Paris start to appear and the monuments step out of the shadows of the Haussmanian buildings. We suddenly watch out our phone camera and take a lot pictures of us absolutely at the ground level. It’s the deal floor from which to get some photos for the album. It’s also from here we can take the lifts to get to the top of the tower. Instead of sightseeing, We also try to hanging out to search some unique souvenirs, food which you can found them on 1st and 2nd floor. There are the buffet and The Jules Verne Restaurant here if you are feeling hungry.

Walk on the glass floor was awesome experienced i never had before. It was in 1st floor of the tower. 57 meters from the ground, breath-taking and i definitely won’t step in it. My boyfriend insists me to step into the transparent floor and said ” You must feel this, it’s awesome!” and i did it. At the 180 meters trip to the top of the tower, We’ve seen very spectacular stunning  view of Paris and monuments. ” Yess…!” We took our adorable moments here for sure.

The 1899 lift machinery

The most things that making me so interested is the machine, which operate the Tower’s lifts are more than a century old. These imposing hydraulic machines designed by Gustave Eiffel are located in the basement but are not open to the public, except on certain Heritage Days or for guided tours. They’ve been restored and computerised since but they are still in use.

The Tower’s construction began January 28th,1887 and ended March 31st,1889. It took exactly 2 years, 2 months and 2 days to complete. I was so impressed!

A journey with Vélib’

Walking along the street around the tower to enjoy how beautiful parisian street with the river aside and also watching lovers couple took a memories by photographed them on the pictures plus the weather was perfectly fine is the perfect trip for us. Meanwhile sightseeing, the time is calling. We must be return as soon as possible to the airport for our flight to get back to Bali. We grabbed 5 Euros to get Vélib’ for 30 minutes and it was our last journey in the city. The name Vélib’ is a portmanteau of the French words vélo (English: “bicycle”) and liberté (“freedom”). More minutes more charge but completely fun. We go along the street with fun journey and amazing romantic moment which I never had before.

We were choosed traditional transportation to see more of Parisian style along the street.

“Thank you Paris! I hope i can come back and tell my stories with you again soon. With a lot of hours for sure in the future. See you on my next journey!”

Amazing view of Seine! How wonderful view when I was walking along the street. I was stopping by to see all of the activities around the area during the day. I love to smell the air, feel freedom and happiness with somebody I am in love with.

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13 thoughts on “FRANCE, PARIS : “Je t’aime” from Eiffel Tower!

  1. I found you on the community pool, and I’m glad I did. I found your post to be exquisite, because you have an eloquent writing, and not to mention you visited the Eiffel Tower! Your post was the perfect length to describe your travel. In fact, I have a travel related post to the Eiffel Tower on my blog. So I’ve been there and it was an accurate description. Anyhow – Very good post. Can’t wait to see more. You deserve my follow.

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    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot for me. I hope you like it. Otherwise I always need great advice from everyone that has professional skills on writing like you and I love to learn more about it. ❤️

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  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! And thank you for saying exactly where the Eiffel Tower is! I never knew! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the Czech Republic; it is so, so beautiful there!!! I love Eastern Europe. Have a safe journey my love. xx

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